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By the Seashore

Micro Adventure

So on my other Instagram account (the booksta one) I posted a review of If the Tide Turns, part of which takes place in Eastham, Massachusetts in the 1700s. Rachel Rueckert’s story includes a number of real people, including Deacon John Doane, an early settler with a memorial at the National Parks Cape Cod National Seashore. A few weeks ago, we had our first micro adventure of the year at the Seashore. 

It was a warm day in February so we put Izzy in the car to head over the Sagamore Bridge to Eastman. The Salt Pond Visitors Center is open all year round and is a great place to start. After snagging a NPS Passport Stamp (hello, Virgo), we drove down to Nauset Light Beach. It would have been a lovely walk on the beach but we stupidly didn’t check out the tide charts before and there was precious little beach to walk on! No worries, we walk sound the Nauset Lighthouse and then drove over to the Coast Guard Beach to walk along the Nauset Bike Trail to the Doane Memorial, which led us through across a low bridge over a salt marsh and through a pine forest where in the winter, you can truly imagine what it might have been like in the area before European settlement.

After that we decided it was a good time for a beer and went over to Devil’s Purse in Dennis, which is dog-friendly inside and out. It was still pretty pleasant out, so we grabbed a picnic bench outside and enjoyed some excellent beers. I’ve always really enjoyed their Kolsch so I was excited to try their oyster stout which did not disappoint. It was getting chilly, so we each had one more and decided to wrap up our outing.

Overall, an excellent day out and I felt like a perfect first mini-adventure: just an hour and a half drive from home for nature and beers with the dog. This was just a small portion of the National Seashore and we will definitely have to be back.

Doggie facts: Dogs are allowed on the beaches and ponds from October 16th to May 14th only. They can be on the paved bike trails from November 1st to April 31st. They are allowed on the Doane Trail and the Pilgrim Trail all year long. 

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