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A Not So Small Adventure

This past November, Dan and I were supposed to have gone to Israel on a pilgrimage led by his friend who is an Episcopal priest. Well, that just didn’t seem like it was going to be in the cards, but we have two weeks off of work and wanted to do something. I have always wanted to rent a campe

rvan and drive around the country. I had been eying one specific camper van from Walden Campervans, conveniently located north of Boston and their doggie friend van, Benton, was available so we decided to go for it.

We went through a couple of route variations but finally settled on heading west to Nebraska, then south through Kanas into New Mexico and then swinging east via Oklahoma and Arkansas to Ohio and New York.  We had reservations at campgrounds but sprinkled in a few hotel stays so we could stop and do some laundry. Stops were planned so we could visit National Parks and a few places from our childhood. It was an ambitious itinerary, which is generally how I run a trip! 

We did a lot of driving, had a few little misadventures, and some not so great weather, but overall we had a great time. We listened to a couple of great podcasts and a few audibles, all, strangely enough, about spies. We managed to check out breweries, because of course we did, and visited some amazing National and state parks. 

I did learn one lesson, which I will probably forget because that is how I roll, and that is that maybe I should make slightly less ambitious itineraries. We cut the trip a little short, once we got to Santa Fe, we had decided it was time to head home a bit faster than we had planned. 

Will we do a van trip again? Yep, I am determined to do another one. Just maybe going shorter distances and having a bathroom in the van. And when we retire, well, I definitely will have us in some type of RV for awhile.

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