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What Happens on Vacation...

Best Frenemies by Max Monroe

Rating: 4 Stars

Spicy: R; numerous descriptive scenes

Will you like this book? You might if you like:

Workplace romance

Vacation romance

Enemies to lovers

A Sweet by sexy musical hero

Great secondary characters

Thank you to Max Monroe for the copy of Best Frenemies. The authors were on my radar after hearing about their books on a Fated Mates podcast episode and after one book I am ready for the whole back catalog, which should get me through the winter! This book was the perfect weekend escape, fast-paced, witty dialogue, and some very steamy scenes.

Katy Dayton and Mack Houston both teach at Calhoun Elementary but that is about all they have in common. Katy is type A, a by the book person who sees Mack as a flirty, fly by the seat of his pants playboy. She wants nothing more than for his classroom, and him, to be as far from her as possible. But when she heads off to Florida for spring break, she finds herself in that all great romantic troupe: forced proximity. The condo Katy is renting is double booked and she is now sharing a place with Mack. Katy plans on ignoring Mack, but after a run-in with an evil sea shell, Mack rides to her rescue. Now Katy is seeing Mack in a new light, and it is not just the drugs talking. Hilarity and hot sex ensues.

This is a duel POV book and TBH, these are my favorites. I like knowing what both characters are thinking and the author switches voices at the exact right moments to advance the story. There is a lot that happens in a short period of time, but I am ok with that, sometimes you want the slow burn and sometimes you know that these characters just have to get together. Mack has a fair bit of interaction with characters from other Max Monroe books and I always love when authors do that, it is such a fun chestnut for readers to see characters they loved moving along. And in this case, though I have not read the other books, it certainly makes me want to check them out, which for me is the sign of a good read. You want to stay immersed in the universe these writers created.

So right after I finished Best Frenemies, I downloaded Accidental Attachment, the book mentioned on Fated Mates, and I cannot wait to dive in!

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