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Well This Is Awkward

In which our characters find that sometimes work and pleasure do mix

Walk of Shame by Avery Flynn 

Stars: 4

Spicy: R

Perfect if you like:

One night stands with a stranger who turns out might be a new coworker

Workplace romances 

Hockey Romances 

Great secondary characters

The premise of Walk of Shame is like all types of trope catnip for me: hot-as-hell one night stand between a coach’s daughter with the man said coach just hired to help with daughter’s ex-fiance. There is just so much potential for awkwardness and heightened tension there, I was like, I need to read this book. 

Astrid O’Malley used to love hockey, her dad is a legendary coach after all, but five years ago when her hockey goalie fiance left her at the altar, she swore off long-term commitments AND hockey. After her very own “world-wide dick tour” she is back in Harbor City, where her dad is the Ice Knight’s hockey coach but Astrid still manages to avoid the sport. Cal Matsen has just been hired as the Ice Knight’s goalie coach to help Astrid’s former fiance get over his case of the yips. But when Astrid and Cal meet one night as Astrid is tending bar, they don’t know that, but they know they would like to rip each other’s clothes off. So they do. I mean, it is just a one night stand right?

Ahh, this was all I wanted it to be and more. The sexual tension between Astrid and Cal was off the charts and they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. And it was easy to see why each one of them was really nervous about falling in love, they each had some things to deal with, and why they were fighting to keep the interaction to just sex. I loved the supporting characters as well and it looks like I just found an author with a huge back catalog that will keep me occupied and deep in my hockey romance era!

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