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The Witches of West Harbor

Enchanted to Meet You by Meg Cabot

Rating: 3.5

Spicy: PG; behind closed doors but some spicier language

Will you like this book? You might if you like:



Spooky Halloween romances

Enchanting seaside towns

Complicated families

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.

I was very excited to grab this one because I really do enjoy Meg Cabot. I mean who doesn't love the Princess Diaries? And I adored her Heather Wells series, it was so fun. I did enjoy Enchanted to Meet You and getting a chance to meet Jessica and Derrick and all the other characters in West Harbor. The thing that prevents me from giving it four stars is just that it all felt so fast. Not just the love affair, I can do insta-love, but the entire overarching storyline just seemed to go by in a blink. It felt too rushed. Either the book could have been longer or, and I rarely say this, I would have been ok with this being two or even three books.

Jessica Gold lives in the picturesque seaside town of West Harbor, Connecticut. She owns a lovely boutique, Enchantments, and excels at making her clients look and feel amazing in her clothes. Is it magic or just good tailoring? Jessica grew up in West Harbor and lives a pretty tame life, playing trivia with her best friends and hanging out with her black cat. All is pretty normal until Derrick Winter, a sexy witch in a leather jacket, rolls into town and informs her that she is the Chosen One and it is up to her to help save West Harbor.

Look, this is a fast read and it has all the humor and heart that you expect from a Cabot novel. With the coming spooky season, it makes for a fun Halloween read, it is perfectly atmospheric. And I’ll be checking out the next book because I really want to spend more time with Jessica and Derrick so obviously I liked the book. I just wanted a little bit more time watching it develop.


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