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The Pacific Theater

In which we realize GPS is the best thing ever

The Vanishing Act The Enduring Mystery Behind the Legendary Doolittle Raid over Tokyo

by Dan Hampton

Stars: 4


Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.

This was the second of two books dealing with the American Navy during World War II, but this one focused on the Pacific theater, specifically the run up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the entrance of the Soviet Union into the war against Japan. I actually knew nothing about the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo and the subsequent capture of one of the fighter planes that ended up off course and landed in the Soviet Union, so I learned a lot. 

Much like Lachman in Codename, Hampton provides great insight not only into the actual events at the heart of the book, but also pays a great deal of attention to the lead up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And as in Codename, where I learned a lot about carriers and subs, this book provided insight into the early planes and all the intricacies of flying bombers off a carrier ship to great distances. It is truly amazing what these pilots and navigators did in a time before GPS! 

This was another book I would highly recommend as an audiobook. The background details and the history of the tensions between the U.S, Japan, and the U.S.S.R is expertly weaved into another gripping story about the raid. Mike Chamberlain’s narration is even and he provides the right amount of excitement in the dangerous parts.

This is another one I would put on


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