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The Frenzied Reading Challenge for 2023

I’ve set myself a little 2023 reading challenge, which I will detail below. On this site, I try to write a short-ish review, give my sense of the book, my reaction, etc. It even lets you into the crazy process of how I determine what to read. I hope you will enjoy it. I'd love to hear comments and book suggestions!

The Frenzied Bibliophile 2023 Reading Challenge Plan - each month I’m going to read:

  • A book from Book of the Month - I’ve been a member for three years and most months I usually add-on a book, , so my TBR has quite a few BotM on it. This year I am hoping to get through a lot of them; Daisy Jones and the Six and The Gentleman of Moscow have been on the list forever so this is the year to get to them!

  • A nonfiction book - I try to make sure I am balancing my fiction books with some nonfiction but a lot of my nonfiction comes in the form of history. I am trying to expand beyond what I normally go for (Tudor History, Financial History, and Civil War History) and read a bit more current affairs.

  • A romance novel - Romance novels are my joy. I know the book is going to have a happy ending and I love to see how the author can get the characters there. Sometimes I’m looking for spicy, sometimes I'm just looking for a simple love story. Thankfully there are a lot of great romances out there and some of my favorite authors have books coming out in 2023.

  • A recommended book (personal or a TikTok/Instagram recommendation) - I follow a lot of great readers on Instagram but I also have a lot of great readers in my life that lend me books and give me great recommendations.

  • A Massachusetts Center for the Book Book Challenge Book - I’m so excited to be starting this challenge. I love a challenge that forces me to look outside my comfort zone but this one has a drawing and the winner gets a tote of books!

  • A Pop Sugar Challenge Book - I print out and obsess over this challenge every year. I have never actually finished the whole thing but I love how it makes me think about what I want to read. And who doesn’t love PopSugar?

At the beginning of every month, I plan on posting my book plan. Things can always change, sometimes I get sidetracked, but it's good to have a plan. Since January is almost over (so much for getting this all started the first week of the year), this list is pretty well set. Reviews of the books will be posted over the next few days

  1. Book of the Month - Lunar Love by Lauren Kung Jensen

  2. A Nonfiction Book - The Song of the Cell by Siddhartha Mukherjee

  3. A romance novel - Buttdialing the Billionaire by Annika Martin

  4. A recommended book - The Humans by Matt Haig (Recommended by Devin)

  5. A Mass Book Challenge - Galeta by Madeline Miller

  6. A Pop Sugar Challenger - Every Summer After by Carley Fortune (Book by a first-time author)

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