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Stars, they are just like us...Not

All the Feel by Olivia Dade

Stars: 4

Spicy : R; numerous descriptive scenes

This is a short review because that is my Monday mood, but not because I didn’t love this book. No, this book did indeed give me all the feels, I loved Alex and Lauren, with all their messiness. Friends to lovers is always a good one because it allows the characters to be themselves at the beginning. I also love the various group chats and fanfic that Dade created in this series. I love a series that incorporates other characters so that you can see the MCs' in other aspects besides a romantic relationship.

Dade is an excellent writer and her romances have wonderful, dare I say, normal heroines. And I am always a sucker for the movie star who falls in love with a regular person trope. It’s a fantasy for sure, but oh such a fun one. I wish I had read this series in order, but I guess it just means I need to reread them!

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