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Secrets Can Be Dangerous

In which we realize we never really want to be on a reality TV show

A Game of Lies by Clare Mackintosh

Stars: 4.5

52 Book Club Summer Book Prompt #2 - Flame on the Cover

Do you know where I would love to be right now? North Wales, hiking in Snowdonia and enjoying some good Brains beer. But since that is not quite in the cards, I will settle for Clare Mackintosh’s latest mystery which provided an excellent escape. This is the second in Mackintosh’s series featuring Detective Ffion Morgan and I’d been eagerly waiting for it after reading the first book in the series, The Last Party, last spring. 

Detective Ffion Morgan is a bit of a disaster; she is on the hunt for a new place to live since her landlord is kicking her out so he can Airbnb her cottage, her rescue dog Dave has severe separation anxiety and can’t be left alone, and she is too stubborn (read scared) to have taken a leap and started a relationship with follow Detective Leo Brady. But she is looking forward to watching the new reality TV show, Exposed, which is being filmed in the mountains around her hometown of Cwn Coed. At least she was until one of the contestants goes missing and Ffion finds herself working with Leo again. When a person connected to the show is murdered, Ffion and Leo have to step up their game and find out who really didn’t want their secrets revealed. 

I had high expectations for this book and I am happy to say that Mackintosh delivered. This was a well plotted story and the concept of the reality show provided an extra layer to the mystery. Mackintosh utilized multiple POVs and time jumps to allow the reader inside the minds of the contestants (and the killer). I was proud of myself as I actually figured some aspects out before the end, something I rarely do!  

If you are looking for a good mystery series this summer, I would highly recommend picking up this and The Last Party. I am not sure if Mackintosh will continue with the series but I really hope so, the Welsh countryside is an excellent setting for murders! 

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