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Romance Roundup - New Orleans Romances

Mardi Gras officially ended yesterday, but I wanted to recommend two of my very favorite romances set in New Orleans. Kristen Callihan has written some of my very favorite novels, and these two, part of the Game On series, show her special blend of sugar and spice.

The Game Plan: Fiona and Dex have been circling each other for awhile, her sister is married to his best friend. But this pint-sized interior designer is adamant she doesn’t want to date a football player but she can’t stay away from this super sexy offensive lineman (all I can see if J.J. Watt when I read this book).

The Hot Shot: Chess is a professional photographer that is taking nude pictures of Finn’s team for a charity calendar. They get off to a rocky start but the fireworks are there and when Chess finds herself homeless, Finn offers her a place to stay. It has it all, frenemies to loves, forced proximity, flashbacks to high school makeup sessions, and a heartwarming love affair.

So if you couldn’t make it to NOLA before Mardi Grad ended, grab yourself a piece of king cake and settle down with these two books.

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