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Not Exactly Fran Fine

The Nanny by Lana Ferguson

Rating 4/5

Spice: 5; this was super spicy

Sexy Times: 4; I mean they had a great backstory that created an added element to their chemistry

A fun read, it has been all over my Insta as a great spicey read. I will agree, it is spicy and the characters had great chemistry but I think I was a bit let down after all the hype. The characters were just a little too one-dimensional. Also, though the characters “knew” each other before they eventually met in person, it still felt like Cassie moved in, Sister Maria’d Aiden and Sophie in like one week and it was off to the races. But the front materials before each chapter was a great set up for Cassie and Aiden and I felt like they have a great connection.

I’d definitely recommend it for a fun summer read, it will keep you entertained for sure, but be sure to pack a fan.

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