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No Peeking Allowed

Or where our heros are, of course, in a room with just one bed

The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren

Stars: 4

Rating: R

52 Book Club Challenge - Prompt #44 - Includes a wedding

Perfect if you like:

Fake relationship

Family Drama 

Fantastic locales 

Feisty, fearless heroines 

Forced proximity romance

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC. Actually,  I mean THANK YOU!  An early look at Christina Lauren’s book? Is there any better way to start 2024?

Does anyone do strong, feisty heroines that are true to themselves quite like Christina Lauren? I would argue no - they are consistently writing characters that are grounded in the real world. They create the possibility of the fairytale for their female characters but show that the fantasy might not be all that it is cracked up to be. A little Into the Woods.

Anna Green and Liam Weston got hitched four and half years ago, a marriage of convenience that allowed them to obtain cheap married student housing. After Liam finished graduate school, they went their separate ways, but Anna didn’t read all the legal docs Liam gave her and it turns out that they actually aren’t divorced. And Liam needs Anna’s help - he has to convince his family that he and Anna have been happily married these last four years in order to receive his inheritance.  Oh and they have to pretend while at Liam’s sister’s wedding at a private resort in Singapore. Sharing a bungalow with one bed - and no door to the bathroom. There might be peeking. 

As this is a Christina Lauren’s romance there is a lot of heat, so much sexual tension, but also deep conversations, true vulnerability, and warm cuddles. I’ve loved this writing duo from their very first book and though there were a few books that didn’t resonate with me, their last two novels (this one and The True Love Experiment) highlight all things that make them such an amazing writing team. I’m still not sure how they do it but I hope they keep going for years.


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