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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Stars: 4

Spice: 2, mostly behind closed doors some graphic descriptions

Sexy Times: 4 the attraction was instantaneous and it felt real

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  • Freaky Friday

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  • While You Were Sleeping

When I read a book and days later, I still find myself thinking about the characters and what they might be up to, I know that the story was a good one. When I want to know more about the hero and heroine after the novel wraps, I know that I’ve found an author I want to read more from. The Seven Day Switch was that type of book and I am ready for more from Meg Chronis.

Becca Stratton is the head concierge at a upscale hotel in London but she is flying back to her native South Africa because her twin sister, Gemma, a reality star, has gotten herself in hot water with some Instagram posts and was supposed to be rehabilitating her image by doing community service at a wildlife sanctuary. Sadly, Gemma did not last long at the refuge and escaped back to Johannesburg. Becca’s mom calls her back to South Africa so she can take her sister’s place and spend the week at the refuge. All she has to do is lay low and muck out some stalls.

But of course, that is not what happens, Becca keeps getting herself into one fix after another, even though she is just trying to do the right thing. Becca is a people pleaser (she is a concierge after all) and when she tries to help, disaster lurks around the corner. And so does the hunky Dr. Sullivan Scott, the head vet at the refuge. He didn’t like Gemma the first time but he seems to be falling for her during her second trip.

I liked these characters so much, they had great chemistry and I enjoyed them getting to know each other. The whole element of the wildlife refuge was also so interesting, I was Googling a lot of different animals. I always like it when a book introduces me to something I don’t know about. I also went down a rabbit hole on Cape Dutch architecture which was utterly fascinating. And I did not know that the unicorn was the official animal of Scotland!

Overall, a really good read. A few times I was like, please leave poor Becca alone, there was a lot that happened. The resolution worked for me, I like how it came about and I like how Becca grew as a person. Sully was just lovely, a good guy with a huge love for animals. There is a delightful Labbie in this book as well as some canine hijinks, always a plus in my estimation.

I’m ready for Gemma’s book now!

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