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Let the Sunshine In

In which our heroine realizes she is perfect for this role

When Grumpy Met Sunshine  by Charlotte Stein

Stars: 4

Spicy: R

52 Book Club Reading Challenger - #21 - Book written by a Ghostwriter - those this one is about a ghostwriter 

Perfect if you like:

Really Grumpy heroes

Unfiltered heroines

Roy Kent 

Serious spice 

Fake dating that of course turns into the real thing

The cover of this book kept showing up on instagram and I loved it, it was just so cute. I am also all there for the premise: grumpy football player needs a super chipper plus sized ghostwriter to help him with his memoirs. Then throw in a plot of them fake dating so the paparazzi won’t figure out that she is a ghostwriter. What mischief could happen? This was my third romance novel of last weekend and it had a lot in common with Fangirl Down, so basically I was in my happy place for 36 hours. 

Mabel is a ghostwriter and her newest client is the famously grumpy, tightlipped footballer Alfie Harding who says fuck a lot. If you are thinking Roy Kent, you are on the right track, just make him taller. Getting him to open up to tell his story is going to be a challenge, but Mabel is a ray of sunshine that is willing to work with him while trying not to drool too much because she finds Alfie very sexy. And Alfie seems to think the same of Mabel and the two of them start to find it hard to ignore the attraction between them. Will they be able to keep their hands to themselves??

Seriously, these two might be the most hysterically awkward couple I’ve ever read. The book’s average rating on Goodreads is about 3.4 and I think that might be due to Stein’s writing style, it is a little different and sometimes all the action happens in two sentences but we have three paragraphs of inner monologue. Once I got used to it, I actually enjoyed it, it  made me really pay attention to the writing. And even when it threw me off, I didn’t care, because I loved these two so much I just wanted to spend more time with them. I’ll be checking out Stein’s back catalog for sure. 

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