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Killing Her Softly With His Song

Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson

Stars: 4

Spicy: PG-13; some descriptive scenes

Will you like this book? You might if you like

True Crime

Cinnamon Roll Heros

Grumpy (her)/Sunshine (him)

Musical romances

Complicated family histories

I feel like I was really late to this book and I am a bit bummed it took me so long to grab it from the library and read it. We finally had some sunny days and I plopped myself down on the pool float and dove in. It was really the perfect pool read.

Phoebe has left NC to travel to her late father’s house in Florida, where she and her brother are going to clean the place out so they can sell it. Phoebe had a difficult relationship with her father and she is not looking forward to being back in her childhood home. She is also trying to finish her PhD dissertation on true crime literature, so she has a lot on her plate. And a huge desk on her car’s roof. Which her neighbor, Sam, is kind enough to take off for her, even though she isn’t sure he isn’t really a serial killer (well at least for the first few days).

This was such a fun read but one that also pulled on the heart strings. Sam was just the sweetest Cinnamon Roll of a hero. And Phoebe is a prickly little pear that just does not want to reopen the wounds from her childhood. But she just can’t help herself from falling under his spell, and maybe some of her brother’s eternal optimism is also rubbing off on her.

For me this was a one-day read, I just wanted to spend my time with these two and their friends. And I was really pleased with how Thompson resolved the conflict, it didn’t feel like a forced third act break-up but a realistic moment of choice for two characters.

I’m looking forward to grabbing Thompson’s newest book which just came out, I feel like she is a writer that won’t let me down!

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