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If You Think Your Job Is Tough

In which we realize Beauty and the Beast can be a pretty dark

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Star: 4.5

Spicy: PG

52 Book Club Reading Challenger - #25 - A book “Everyone” Has Read 

If you are a reader on Instagram, you’d have to be under a rock to miss out on the Sarah J. Maas phenomenon. I hadn’t read anything by her, I wasn’t sure why, I just never picked any of her stuff. But on the recommendation of two readers I trust very much, I decided to dive into the ACOTAR world. If I didn’t like the first book I could walk away. 

Well, I am not walking away, I am hooked. 

Basic premise: human woman finds herself in a magical kingdom with a brooding man-beast after killing a member of the magical community. He is handsome but closed off and he is certainly keeping secrets from her. And shit is starting to go down that could impact the human world, where her sisters and father are living. She is going to have to fix it, because that is what badass girlies do. 

I tore through this book and I’ve already ordered the 2nd book and think I might just buy the rest of them to have on hand. And I want to read these in their physical form because these are giving me old-school-can’t-wait-to-devour book vibes and I need to have them in my hands as I fall into this new world.

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