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I Bea-lieve in Love

Two Wrong Makes A Right by Chloe Liese

2023 Frenzied Bibliophile Challenge Category: Romance

Rating: 5/5

Will you like this book? You might if you like:

  • Shakespeare Reimagined

  • Bespeckled Heros

  • Neurodiverse characters

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Great sexy times (with some French thrown in)

I’ve been waiting to get my hot little hands on this book for awhile. I love Chloe Liese and I am deliberately not rushing through her Bergman Brothers series so I can savor them. I love both a classic retelling with a twist (In this case Much Ado About Nothing) and enemies to lovers story line. And the awkwardness of both these characters, it is something that I think most of us can identify with and how it can impact our first impressions. But most of all, I love a hunky hero with classes and a love for animals (a nice twist, two cats!).

For the plot, basically Bea and Jamie’s friends think they would be perfect for each other and try to throw them together first at a house party and then on a date. They do not hit it off at the party, there are a lot of mistaken first impressions. But when their friends trick them into anonymously texting each other in advance of a blind-date, they really hit it off. Once they meet up for their blind-date, they decide to turn the tables on their friends and fake date. I mean what could go wrong??

Bea and Jamie’s attraction jumps right off the page, even though they can’t seem to stand each other, the chemistry is off the charts. Their own vulnerabilities and their willingness to expose those to the other without a massive amount of angst is one aspect I loved about this book. Sometimes authors feel the need to create an additional level of drama in keeping the hero and heroine apart; Liese didn’t do that and I appreciated that. And I loved all the kindness that they show each other.

There are a lot of great secondary characters, another must for me in a book (I mean, none of us live in bubbles, our lives are constantly impacted by our friends, families, and coworkers). Bea’s relationship with her sisters, Jules and Kate, felt very authentic. And the tension that Jamie feels with his own family is very identifiable. I am ready to see much more of the Wilmot sisters and can’t wait for Kate and Christopher’s story (hello, did we not all love 10 Things I Hate About You? And if you saw the tv series version on ABC Family and want to talk to me about Ethan Peck, I am always here for that).

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