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How many books is too many, asking for a friend...

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Welcome to the Frenzied Bibliophile Blog. I feel like I am a little late to the party with a blog, but I figure what is the harm in starting. I am starting this, like so many others, to share my love of reading and all things books related. I love books, to buy, to read, to borrow, to lend. Fiction, non-fiction, travelogs, Modern Library classics, audibles, romances, I love the variety and the worlds they create. I have a library science degree and I’ve had a few stints in libraries, but for most of my working life, I’ve been employed by various finance firms (which has led to a deep love of financial history), so I now subject friends, family and co-workers to all my book recommendations.

When the pandemic hit and I stopped my 2 hour commute my reading fell off. Now that I am back into the office a few days a week, I am trying to get myself back into a healthy reading habit. But I need to keep myself on track and I've fallen behind writing in my book journals (of which I have very many) so I decided that this could work just as well. And I might be slightly more beholden to a blog than to my latest journal. So, if you've stumbled here, welcome.

I try to read a variety of books, so hopefully I’ll be reading and reviewing something that appeals to you. Like most people, I go through phases. Sometimes I’ll be completely obsessed with a mystery series and then I’ll be knee-deep in autobiographies. I’ll also include books on Audible (or books on tape as I still refer to them) though those tend to be nonfiction books. And I love a podcast series, so I will also do posts about those.

A lot of what I love about reading is the ability to transport you to other places, to create new worlds or give you insights into other cultures. Since I am still working full-time and haven’t won the lottery, I can only take some many vacations, so books can provide an escape between trips. And for me part of the joy of travel is the planning; I love to research and plot out a trip. So, I will also share some of my trip itineraries here in the hope that it might help people. I also plan to highlight places closer to home in New England. I appreciate your indulgence with that.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please drop me a comment, happy to have you here and to hear any book recommendations.

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