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Getting Back in the Game

In which our characters plan their own course

The Fangirl Down  by Tessa Bailey

Stars: 4.5

Spicy: R

Perfect if you like:

Sports romances

Forced proximity 

Grumpy sunshine 


Seriously sexy times 

So another book that was all over my booksta feed recently so I decided to request it from the library to see if it was worth the hype. And oh my god, was it ever. This was a one sitting, staying up way too late, type of read. I never wanted it to end, I needed to spend way more time with Josephine and Wells. I’ll be purchasing this one so I can reread it in the future.

Josephine Doyle is Wells Whittaker’s biggest fan - a Wells Belle of the highest order. But Wells has lost his mojo and has decided to drink himself right off the PGA tour. There is only so much even a superfan can take, and Josephine has a lot of other problems in her life, the least of which is rebuilding her family’s Pro Shop after a major storm. But when Wells decides he will golf one more try but only if Josephine will agree to be his caddie, the two find themselves together rebuilding both of their dreams.

Man, this book was both sweet and sexy. I loved how they were both afraid to breach an employer/employee relationship but just could not stop their insane attraction to each other. And then there was the faith that Wells put in Josephine, how he trusted her to help him get his groove back and how she continued to fight for her own dreams. And then there was the spice, Tessa Bailey does this part so well, you know you are going to get some steamy scenes and this book did not disappoint on that front.

So yes, this one totally lived up to its billing and I am so excited to read the next book in the series: Tessa Bailey taking on the hockey player and his nanny trope!

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