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Family Can Be Murder

In which our hero might need to watch his back

Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson

Stars: 5

52 Book Club Reading Challenger - #1 - Locked Room Mystery


Ernest Cunningham is off to his family’s reunion at a ski resort. It is going to be awkward because he really hasn’t been in touch with them since his brother went to prison three years prior for killing a man. Ern might have something to do with it. But now, the whole Cunningham-Garcia family is sort of snowed in on the mountain with an unknown dead man and a multitude of killers. Will Ern be able to solve the mystery, using Ronald Knox’s Ten Rules of Detective Fiction, before he too finds himself out in the cold?

My god, I loved this book and listening to it as an audiobook made it just so much better. Ernest Cunningham and Benjamin Stevenson break the 4th wall immediately. They both tell us within pages that Ern might not be the most reliable narrator. So does that make him more so?? The mystery is clever but it is Stevenson’s storytelling and his likable main character that makes this such a fun read. I’ve already requested the next book, Everyone on This Train is a Suspect, and I’m ready to take that journey!

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