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Families Can Be Rough Man

The Plot Twist by Erin La Rosa

Stars: 3

Spicy: 4; It was definitely an R rating on this one, some super spicy scenes

Sexy Times: 3; they felt a little disjointed, I know that some were supposed to feel spontaneous but it felt a little off at times

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book. It was a fun read that dealt with a lot of heavy subjects actually, maybe too many in one book since I feel like some got short shrift if that makes any sense.

Sophie Lyons is a writer who lives in the carriage house on Dash Montrose’s property. Sophie published her first novel and is on deadline for her second but she just can’t find the HEA for her characters. So she decides to track down her exs to determine if the reason she can’t write the ending is because she herself has never said I love you to anyone. And then she will post about it on TikTok.

Dash is the youngest child in a famous Hollywood family and was an actor in his younger years. The pressure from his family to continue to act and be a Hollywood star was too much and after years of drinking, Dash realized it was time to go to rehab and sober up. He has been working on his sobriety but he hasn’t told anyone except his sponsor Chris. And he channels his energy into making pottery and putting it on TikTok. Dash is the one to suggest that Sophie go on TikTok and talk about her quest for love

So I liked the characters but I am not sure that I fully bought that they were actually good for each other. Dash tells Sophie that he can’t be in a relationship because he is worried about his sobriety and feels like he needs to focus on that but then will hook up with Sophie. And Dash keeps his rehab stint, his pottery, and his sobriety so close to his chest, he won’t share it with anyone. And he is so down on himself. I like a little angst with my heroes, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it felt a little much. But I was cheering for him when he finally stood up to his mother and then did what he needed to do, and I think that the end resolved itself nicely and I think Sophie and Dash will be able to have a good relationship. I mean, life is usually messy, right?

I think the plot twist about the exs was a bit weak; I think it added an element that took me away from the story of Dash and Sophie. To be honest, the way that Sophie treated Carla was kind of poor. And then there were fights with her sister, Nina, and then her best friend, Poppy, neither of which painted Sophie in the best light.

This is the first book I read by Erin La Rosa and though I didn’t love love love this one, I am definitely interested in reading the first book in the series, For Butter of Worse, about Sophie’s sister.

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