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Everyone Loves a List

April - spring is in the air, the first quarter of the year has gone by, seems like a perfect time to refresh. Also seemed like a good month to review some of my favorite books over the last few years. So everyday I am going to review my favorite nonfiction, romance, mystery, and fiction book for each letter of the alphabet. There are other categories of course, but this is where I read the most.  Sounds like it might be a good way to see where I need to read more!

My Favorite Book That Start With: A

Nonfiction: Albion’s Seed by David Hackett Fisher (Audible); Hackett Fisher investigates four regions of the original thirteen colonies and shows how the customs and traditions brought over by their British settlers has shaped the areas they inhabited. If you want to understand America, this provides some fascinating insights. 


Fiction: Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood; The Handmaid’s Tale is of course a modern masterpiece but in Alias Grace, Atwood has created one of the best historical novels I’ve ever read. Based on an actual event, a housemaid is being tried for the murder of her employer and his housekeeper, Atwood leads us through the story and makes us decide, did she really do it?  


Mystery: The Alienist by Caleb Carr; This book, I mean there was so much history layered on top of the mystery. Carr gave us a window into the world of early 20th century New York and provided us with a host of memorable characters. I’ve reread this one numerous times and each time it is a joy. The mini-series based on the book is also top notch. 


Romance: The Assistant to the Villian by Hannah Nicole Maehrer ; so I would call this more a romantasy and we in the will they/won’t they moment but I am ok with that because this is a book I read about in the New York Times on a Sunday morning and by the end of that day I had finished it and wanted to read it again. 

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