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Dear Diary...

In which our heroine realizes maybe she should stick to pen and paper

The DM Diaries by Teagan Hunter

Stars: 4

Spicy: PG-13

Last weekend I went on a romance reading binge, this was the first of three I tore through over a dreary, rainy weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I have not read anything from Hunter and the premise, falling for someone’s false identity, can be a tough one to pull-off. It is a fine balance and they don’t always work as well as You’ve Got Mail. I am really happy to say this one succeeded.

Olive O’Brien is a plus-size influencer with a crush on Jasper Rafferty, one of the biggest actors in the world. For romance reasons, she has started using his DMs as her personal journal, telling him about her life, her hopes, her fears. She knows he will never respond, he barely uses social media. Until the day he does. Thing is, it is not Jasper that is responding, it is his brother Jude. And so starts a flirtation between OIive and Jude, all while Olive thinks she is talking with his brother. 

Spoiler Alert here: this does not go on for long, which I very much appreciated! Olive and Jude figure it out fairly quickly and move on. I liked that Hunter did this, the initial getting to know each other was under pretense, but it was sorted out in short order so these two could go on to build a relationship. There is of course a 3rd act breakup of sorts, but it felt organic and true to the story.

I’m going to highly recommend this one and I am going to be heading off to read some of Hunter’s back catalog. I also cannot wait to spend more time with the characters introduced in this book and hope there will be more books forthcoming!

This one is out in July and I would plan on grabbing for a great vacation read.

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