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Cupid's Gone a Little Off Script

In which we realize that we might not always know what we are looking for

Darling Jane by Isla Madden-Mills

Stars: 3.5

Spice: 4

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.

Jane Darling has started her own matchmaking service, ready to help people who have had it with the dating apps. But it’s tough to start a new business, especially when one is already juggling managing the family’s bookstore and raising her 4 year old daughter, Londyn. So, when Jasper Jannich, the star quarterback for New York, and best friend of her brother-in-law, offers to become a client, she jumps at the chance to utilize his high profile to help the business. The problem is that Jasper and Jane have a ton of chemistry themselves and it is harder and harder for them to deny their feelings.  Still, there is a lot going on in both of their lives, both have been burned in love, and they aren't sure they are ready to take the leap again.

So for me, my reaction to Darling Jane was a lot like my feelings about the Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy: I loved the first book in the series which felt fresh with snappy dialogue and enduring characters who were figuring out some shit. In the sequels, I struggled to see the connection between the two main characters. There were just so many extraneous issues that it feels like the reader is bounced from one thing to another. And because of all that, the time that Jasper and Jane spend together feels rushed and disconnected. I could have done without Jasper’s twin nieces staying with him. I am not sure what that plot device was supposed to do, but I was just annoyed with them. 

Should you still read it, yes, yes you should, because Madden-Mills writes witty and engaging stories. Even when I am nitpicking, I still love Madden-Mills books - Beauty and the Baller is one of my favorite reads. I will be waiting patiently for Andrew’s book and look forward to seeing Jasper and Jane again, just as supporting characters. 

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