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Come With Me On An Adventure

My Favorite Book That Start With: C

Nonfiction: Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horowitz; A prize-winning journalist, Horowitz traveled through the South to investigate the ghosts of the Civil War, taking the reader on a journey that illuminated how the rhetoric of the “Lost Cause” came about. This book, published in 1998, is revisited again in Horowtiz’s 2019 Spying on the South, where he retrod some ground and strove to make sense of how the country had changed so much in 20 years. He sadly died at 60 in 2019 and I miss reading his incites into our country. 


Fiction: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan; Before I read this book and the other two in the series I did not really know how the other half really lives. Kwan takes the reader through the world of the ultra-rich families in Singapore and what happens when an Asian-America girl falls in love with the city state’s most eligible bachelor. Kwan has taken the nineteenth century novel of manners and given it a modern twist. If you have seen the movie, you need to read the books!


Mystery : Case Histories by Kate Atkinson; This is the first in Atkinson’s series featuring Jackson Brodie, a slightly broken down, former cop turned PI in the UK. The main thread of the book, Brodie’s search for a girl missing for over 30 years, is expertly woven through various other mysteries. Atkinson’s Edinburgh is moody, much like her detective, but the reader can’t help being intrigued by not just the story but by Brodie himself.  This was turned into an excellent TV series with Jason Isaacs perfectly cast as our hero.. 


Romance: Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood; look I am a massive fan of Hazelwood and I will read anything she writes but YA romance, well, I wasn’t sure about it. But I was wrong, so wrong. This was a book that had that she-doesn’t-know-she’s-beautiful 1990s teen romance aspect to it, a trope I can devour in one sitting, which I did. Throw in a tall, grumpy hero and a sassy heroine and you have everything I need. This is just a really great example of YA romance done right. 


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