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Catch Me Fall

Accidental Attraction by Max Monroe

Stars 4

Spicy: PG-13

Will you like this book? You might if you like:

Slow burn romance

Cinnamon roll heroes

Super hero doggies

Slightly chaotic heroines

Slapstick comedy

Forced proximity

I heard about this Max Monroe book on the Fated Mates podcast and the setup for the book has a unique premise: an author sends her thinly-veiled, personal fanfic about her editor to him. It is the perfect comedy of errors. Max Monroe’s writing style, funny with dual POV, is one of my faves. Extra points to Benji, the service dog, because GSD are the best.

Brooke Baker is the author of an incredibly successful series of fantasy books that are being made into a Netflix show. She is also a bit of a clumsy, introverted nerd with Vasovagal syncope, a disorder that causes her to faint when with sudden changes in her heart rate. Thankfully she has her best friend, her service dog, Benji, to help her. Unfortunately, one thing that causes her heart rate to go crazy at meetings with her editor, Chase Dawson, who she has a crush on. Brooke is currently working on her next big book but she is struggling so instead she has been writing a steamy love story about two people very loosely based on her and Chase. When she accidentally sends Chase that manuscript, he loves it and goes to bat with the head of the publishing house to make it Brooke’s next book. Now she is stuck editing a book about Chase with Chase!

Look, I was pretty sure I was going to love this regardless because dogs in books are catnip to me - or doggies treats maybe. And the premise? How often have you had a crush on someone and it is hard enough to just talk to them, but to accidentally send them your innermost thoughts about them? Mortifying. So I was primed, but I Brooke and Chase were such great characters it made me love the book even more. And they both have insane older sisters that make the book laugh-out-loud funny. This is my second Max Monroe book and I continue to be impressed.

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