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A Little Night Magic

Perfect if you like:

Magical realism

Grumpy Sunshine Romances

Found Family

A good cup of tea

My dear cousin Sarah recommended Mandanna’s book, which I had seen on a number of bookstagrams but was a little hesitant about picking up; I felt like I had read a really great magical series (The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling) and then a few not so enchanting books in the same vein. But I trust Sarah,and man was she right, I loved it. My only criticism is that it was all over too soon and it doesn’t appear that it will be a series. I need more Mika and her lovely little coven in Norwich.

Mika Moon is a thirty-something witch in England, meeting with other British witches once a month at what she calls the Secret Society of Witches. But other than those few yearly meetings, Mika is mostly alone and she doesn’t practice her magic in the open - well not really. She does have a YouTube channel where she pretends to create potions and spells. After watching her YouTubes, the guardians of three young witches reach out to her to see if she will come live with them at Nowhere House and teach the girls about magic. Before you can say abracadabra, Mika is speeding to East Anglia with her golden retriever, Circe, to mold young minds. Or at least make sure they get their levitation spells right.

What Mika finds at Nowhere House is the family she has been longing for, including a sexy, grump librarian with a heart of gold. There were the standard rom-com elements to the book, but the magic, the plot twists, and the interaction between the characters elevated the  storyline and had me reading until late in the evening. I’m ready to dive into Mandanna’s back catalog and hope she decides to revisit everyone in Norwich sometime soon.

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