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A Little Movie Magic

Make yourself some popcorn and settle down to enjoy this one

Right on Cue by Falon Ballard

Stars: 4

Rating: PG-13

PopSugar Reading Challenge - Prompt #32 - Enemies to Lovers Plot

Perfect if you like:

Hollywood romance

Second Chance Romance

Would love to see Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Johnson as a couple 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.

This latest book from Falon Ballard had me feeling all the Nora Ephron feels but with a totally unique storyline. Emilia Harper is Hollywood royalty, the daughter of two famous actors whose first foray into acting at age 15 bombed. After her first and only disastrous movie, which she starred in with a young Grayson West, she decided she was better behind the scenes and turned towards writing screenplays.  But now, the producers of her latest screenplay want her to star in the movie. Emmy agrees but only on the condition that her best friend, Liz, directs and her friend, Josh, stars opposite her. Of course, this is a romance so Josh has an accident and low and behold, Grayson West is now going to be male lead.

There are a lot of tropes in this one, enemies to lovers making a movie in a small town. The characters have a chance to revisit their first loves and right some wrongs. This is a single POV novel and Ballard does a really good job of keeping the reader guessing about Grayson’s feelings, almost to a point where I was like, are they actually going to get together? Maintaining that type of tension in a rom-com takes excellent writing. And on top of that, Ballard creates lovely characters with identifiable vulnerabilities. 

Right on Cue comes out next month and I definitely think we will be seeing it on a lot of bookstagrams - believe the hype and go ahead and pick it up. Or better yet, you request it from the library right now!

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